Why and what is ANIMATION LAB ?

The Animation Laboratory is a space and time for researching, experimenting and testing ideas and methods for enriching the animation process for the artist and viewer.

The intended thematic separations of texture, color and light, form and  gameplay are all quite arbitrary and in looking at the practice and products of current and past film makers, all these interests can be seen to interact with each other.

This blog is an archiving and exploratory project tracking past and present forms and methods of experiments  in animation.  Animation Lab is a Subject taught within the                           BFA in Animation VCA , School of Film and Television Victorian College of the Arts,                            University of Melbourne.

These pages are assembled and mashed together by Paul Fletcher You are welcome to add your replies and suggestions or  email me directly at

some of my own Animation Laboratory Projects are online at the following links;

Outdoor Animation Installation & Creature Spotting Exhibition: 

Public Projection Project- Railways Time Machine

Living Data Project Under Construction

Sensory Garden Artist In Schools Project


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