ANIMATION EVENT THIS SATURDAY 26thA A Foyer Display of some of the Animation Installations from Resonating Spaces Exhibition PLUS 11 brand new 1 minute Animated Films will be screening this Saturday at VCA Federation Hall 2pm – 4:30 PLUS Selection of Films Celebrating UNESCO INTERNATIONAL ANIMATION DAY  ASIFA FIlM EXCHANGES FROM  BRAZIL, RUSSIA AND USA.

You Can Preview, or right click to  download  the FULL PROGRAM HERE


Pictures from the Exhibition Coming Soon.

Previous Updates on Resonating Spaces – Installation and Exhibition:

we now have a title for the project


and a poster image;

an audiovisual remapping of the space of responses to The Ian Potter Museum of Art
an audiovisual remapping of the space of responses to The Ian Potter Museum of Art

When –  Wednesday 16th October –   2p  to 5pm

the weather is locked in for  perfect conditions-(eg from perfect storm to perfectly dry and sunny)

the location details have been confirmed for  small exhibition/performances along Monash  drive, the laneway between the old Geology building up to Mason Drive winding our way into the Potter Gallery for Mezzanine Window Screening and performance and other indoor features.

Animators have many ideas in response to impressions of the architecture and artworks at the Potter Museum AND to the challenges and problems of displaying animation in broad daylight outdoors with NO mains power.

It is expected that several (eg  maybe 4- 6 )small battery powered  animation display devices will be housed in custom built displays  creating both a context for the animation, weatherproofing and blocking out of sunlight . Due to battery power durations some of the players may need to be cycled around while others are charging in doors. These animation installations can potentially show different animators footage at different  times and can also easily be moved around to interact with different sound installation/performances at different times. The animation  will be  cyclical in design-eg looping sequences  of indeterminate playback and viewing durations. Due to the outdoor daytime light conditions and appropriate installation designs they will most likely only be viewed by one person or small groups at a time- thus people can wander around and listen to the sound and every now  and then peer into an animation installation  “viewing port”. This will create something of a “peep-show” ,carnival “outdoor amusement parlour” context interacting with the sound performance and installations created by the Composers.

Here is an installation housing designed to get people to pay more attention to rubbish bins and what might actually be in them;

Look through the lens in the lid to see animation
Look through the lens in the lid to see animation

Some of the animator’s ideas at this stage include;

a box of stopmotion animated buskers,

a  train carriage diorama with slow moving surreal like imagery flashing by the train window,

animation od  textures and light refraction inspired by the architecture of the Potter Museum Gallery, animated scribble style portraits, an animated star field dome,rotoscoped dancer/s ,a spaceman floating down building, Animated rats and other creatures,objects ,characters seen down a specially constructed audiovisual drainpipe.

Stay tuned for further details of these and other project ideas as they develop.

Mark Pollard and Paul Fletcher are constructing an audiovisual cyclical and iterative exchange of photos and sound, animation and music -starting with photos of the gallery taken by Mark- animated /abstracted further by paul with some sound composition then passed back to Mark for musical  response and then see what has emerged orgrows and evolves from there…( Mark, I hope that is a correct summary of the intricate and detailed process!)

Paul  and Robert are conceptualising a human powered “audiovisual player-piano” or  analog audiovisualiser based on old Gestetner and inspired by the abstract , handmade films of Len Lye, Norman Mc Laren & Oscar Fischinger


there is also a A4 wide belt clips on over these barrels
there is also an A4 wide belt that clips on over these barrels

The Gestetner project is a plan for a future exhibition making animated scrolls- that fit on the belt that attaches over the barrels, or to actually put sequences of abstract forms on the barrels themselves . The animation is to be viewed by turning the handle (that rotates the barrels and or belt) and viewing the animation through  a cover (or lid)with a slide-able viewing window to enable analog mixing of your own hand powered animation.

The Gestetner in its natural state also provides  material for animation and sound composition-

this rough footage illustrates something of the  organic and mechanical soundscape and kinetic sculpture that lives inside it..



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