Resonating Spaces_AVMAP-installation ideas

Daniel  and Alex various animated portrait styles and forms

sample of Portrait based animation to be viewed by looking into lens fitted rubbish bin

Dans work so far


so far – one of three possible styles to be included


My animation is about nature, it will be peaceful, calming, relaxing, earthy and slow paced. People will view the animation through a model of a hollow tree stump. The animation itself will consist of stylistically draw scenes of nature.

nicks animation in process;

Jenn’s rotoscope in process


I will be using clay stop motion animation to create my film which will follow the performances of multiple buskers. They will each perform for a short period of time before walking of stage to make way for the next busker walking onto the set and will be played in a loop of a minimum of three buskers. Each busker will be directly inspired by local Melbourne buskers which hopefully the audience may recognise and familiarise themselves with. i.e. the clown playing the accordion, or Elmo playing the guitar or the self titled “vision impaired” busker who is renowned for singing Elvis and Johnny Cash classics.


Animated rats and other creatures,objects ,characters seen down a specially constructed audiovisual drainpipe.RATdownPipe AVDrainPipeSketch

Robbie- experiments in visual beat/loops



1 thought on “Resonating Spaces_AVMAP-installation ideas

  1. from Maddison;
    “look through the mask”
    Peer through the mask and inside the box where youll see a kaleidoscopic, refracted version of the space outside the box- all the textures, angles and light effects of the gallery space all jumbly. The regular old box could just be lying around but the mask is an invitation to poke your face into it.

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