Generative Animation

Some Examples of Moving Image Artworks related to handmade,chance and code based generative  processes.

Patterns sourced from nature are perhaps one of the earliest examples of generative artworks-eg the patterns of  windswept sand-dunes, ‘pictures’ drawn by gum tree eating grubs or “borers”.

Many people still find great inspiration from the intricate drawings of early Botanist Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919.)

“Ernst Haeckel – philosopher, professor, physician, naturalist, biologist and

artist. The pinnacle of his work – Art Forms of Nature – began publication in

1899 and is still an astonishing record of life on earth. When art and science

combine, something sublime can come to pass.”

Haeckel’s book “Artforms of Nature” (Kunstformen der Natur,1904 is now available online at Wikimedia Commons.

Resources and Software Links related to Generative Art:

BLENDER – 3d Animation, Modelling,Games etc

masses of tutorials and resources online, also several books and ebook pdfs  on Blender applied to everything from physics simulations and architecture design to generative design and character animation available from the Lenton Parr Library and through their online catalogue for students of Melbourne University

rigged human figures for blender and other 3d programs

more examples and tutorials

Pure Data- Open Source Media software and hardware interfacing and  programming environment

a visual node based software programming for animation,video and sound

Pong  example patch for PureData(just in case if you want to catch up with the latest state of the art ( or nostalgia!)

“public domain, inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed

to exploring the intersection of art, theory, technology and community.”

Alex Gibson

ARTBOX VIDEO PLAYER- project and production

GENERATIVE DESIGN  examples and overview using Processing and Pure Data

A 50 Minute rapid overview of several interesting projects using these programs and process of “generative design”

or this design collective’s website book and example code etc

Generative Art  is  a term associated with many different styles and intentions these links attempt to explain and illustrate some understandings and applications;

Getting Started With Generative Art | Media Militia

Generative Digital Art: Tutorials and Inspiration – \

Create generative artwork in Flash | Tutorial | Computer Arts magazine”

Fractals and generative art resources • subblue


A free software program is available  for you here;


Graduate of Philosophy and Art studies , Matthew Dear has created several short films and music videos using  custom techniques of generative and coded,re-ordering of video footage (see his generative coded mashup of Raiders of the lost ark..I mean frames)

‘melting’ affect and effect starting withstill images,

Watch and read about his work here:

From Brainwash ‘s  interview with Morgan Behringer

“The technique used for the abstractions, the related music videos and the like follows one main method. Most of them are entirely constructed from still images that are ‘morphed’ or ‘interpolated’ together using a variety of time-based effects that take a long time to render in sequential passes. As such, it originally took a lot of trial and error in order to find the results I wanted. It still takes a good long while to find pleasing results as I’m never quite sure what will appear on the other end once I press the ‘render’ button.”

“Conceptually, I’m always keen to explore minimal notions of narrative with abstract visuals as they lend themselves to wide interpretations and applicability. Something of the mystical, a bit of unexplained illusion, and a few inklings towards how our minds make up so much of what we literally see. Hopefully they do the job!”

Speaking of the mystical and unexplained illusions, here is a link to a very short blog entry on the relationship between experimental and mainstream cinema in the case of Jordan Belson’s animated light generated films,


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