“The interdependent ways in which texts stand in relation to one another (as well as to the culture at large) to produce meaning.”  (

An idea of inter-texture might also be useful in designing our animated films. Texture is generated not only by integration of different elements within a fim( light, sound , movement,text, etc) but also between these artistic disciplines and other artistic disciplines and forms such as  textile crafts, music composition, dance, theatre and so on. There is also a meta-texture that relates to our memory and experiences of  past and present experiences of life and media – the collective consciousness of world events and ideas,the “zeitgeist” and the constructed media worlds,”genre”, “star system”/celebrities , fan cultures and subcultures etc.

Today Networked Culture such as evidenced in You Tube and more so in the  Japanese video web  sharing and chat site NIco Nico Douga take Intertextuality into the realm of complete interaction not only between artistic disciplines and works or “texts” but also between artworks,and audience, fans as authors and re-creators such as Cosplay,fancomics, etc

“Intertextuality” has become a popular catch word for many things from simple pastiche, parody and hommage to  more complex relationships and processes  that could perhaps be summed in the word , “culture” !?

For a full and detailed discussion of the linguistic and theoretical controversy surrounding the use,and overuse of the term “intertextuality” you  could start with any of the following links;

for the full “semiotic” context Daniel Chandlers comprehensive and super clear website

Film theory course discussing Intertextuality in relation to Kill Bill

Texts and Intertextuality



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