Texture and Intertextuality of Form as Content

Peter Tscherkassky

Film Director
Peter Tscherkassky is an Austrian  filmmaker  who “animates ” found footage in the dark room/optical printing process. His films animate effects of compressing,expanding,time , and the layering and reframing of original footage creating dreamy , hallucinatory , and complexly intertextual image sequences.
Born: October 3, 1958 (age 54), Vienna, Austria


Vienna film festival trailer



how to – printing from film  ‘masterclass’ with dancetrack and subtitle





Based on  film  The Entity starring Barbara Hershey




Contemporary  Austrian film maker featured at MIAF 2013:

Johannes Gierlinger



Patrick Jenkins Labyrinth– for a more conventional style of animation but one that uses intertextuality in its references to  icons and tropes of existing Genre and history of Film Noir .

“After being given an enigmatic locket to protect, a detective encounters strange phenomena and beings from the afterlife in this surrealistic film noir story.

Labyrinth is a time based art piece that plays with the traditions of surrealist cinema and film noir, and whose imagery and animation technique refer to the practice of painting. In the film a detective, after being given an enigmatic locket to protect, encounters strange phenomena and beings from the afterlife.

The film was created using the paint on glass animation technique wherein a painting was created under the animation camera using gouache and glycerin. Then a picture was taken with a digital animation camera, and the painting was altered by erasing and adding paint, and re-photographed over and over again.” http://www.artspace-arc.org/content/labyrinth

watch exceprt here:  Labyrinth

also see Patrick talk about his take on the nature of film, art, experiments and demonstrations of his practical techniques using top lit paint on alternating white and plastic perspex instead of  glass



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