Texture of Time

MIchael Snow’s Wavelength is one famous examples  of turning the texture of a narrative into meditations on /experience of time and space itself.

explanation and context of Wavelength explained in this review

Russian film-maker Tsarkovsky famously coined the  now popular phrase  and wrote his book “Sculpting in time”. The Mirror, Solaris and Stalker are three of his feature films that do give me a sense of time being sculpted into elongated memories and future yearnings. In these films the use of very carefully composed stillness ,long takes and non-distracting circular camera moves could all be instructive for animation productions.

Lenton Parr Library – Solaris dvd 425   The Mirror  dvd 5140

Tarkovsky’s ‘Stalker’: You’ll Need a User’s Manual (and Here It Is)

Stalker online

review  :Tarkovsky’s ‘Stalker’: You’ll Need a User’s Manual (and Here It Is)   April 17, 2012  By Kristin Fritz

In terms of Animation experiments some might argue all film and especially animation’s use of metamorphosis is always sculpting in time . One take on literally sculpting in time is David Daniel’s Stratacut  concept where progressive states of time are overlaid on top of each other like somesort of strange cake , in this case made of plasticene, the cake is then sliced, one thin sliver at a time, and filmed progressively to animate the changes over time.

David Daniels Stratacut website examples and how-to movies

David Daniels Talks About Stratacut | 

PS. Thanks to Maddie for this interest


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