Texture_Practical Exercises

Practical Exercise  1.

animated “ode to film”

–“Analog Texture-Ode to Film”   create 1 or more seconds of  your homage or ode to the material properties of film   capture and store this as a quicktime movie that we can watch and discuss in class,  and have as a possible use as a loop background or main image in  our Audiovisual Map  project and or upload to vimeo and animlab blog


Create your own animated “ode to film” – incorporate some sort of re-worked film of any kind ( eg movie film, still 35 mm film, slides, transparencies,microfiche, x-rays or other analog film sources you can find)

Given the extreme range of techniques you could try it is hard to suggest one particular length for this exercise,;

If for instance you ran a nail  or pin along several feet of 16 mm frame to make a moving line animation you would  be able to create 100’s of frames in  a few minutes OR  at the other extreme you might painstakingly etch into consecutive frames or sheets of acetate with a pin, or dot bleach or metho onto consecutive frames to gradually dissolve  just 12 to 25 frames.  After capturing your frames of film with a scanner or SLR Camera, Your film processing and treatment such as reframing,color adjustments, retiming,super-imposing may be done mostly in the  digital equivalent of the film lab- your video effects and edting software of choice.

You may best off making several very short  movies designed as loops- that could be edited together or used as source textures for other 2 and 3d animation or compositing programs..

You will need to scan and process the re-worked ‘film’  either with a scanner or digital rostrum camera as discussed in the workshop/class

You can use After Effects and or any other Video editing or effects program you are comfortable with to re-layer,re-edit ,loop and sequence your few or many ‘frames’ of film.

Save this work as a digital movie file at either standard pal widescreen size or full HD 1920 by 1080 at 25ps with AppleProRes Compression- ready to screen  to each other by AnimLab  week 3. You may also find a use for this texture footage in other projects you are making, such as the audiovisual map project or your 1 minute film.


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