TextureCentric Animation Examples

Please use the heirarchical menu in the main menu TextureCentric/Submenu of this page for Texture Related Animation Examples to look at  and in some cases vote in the follow categories

Texture and Intertextuality of Form as Content

Texture of Narrative

Tactile /Visceral Texture

Texture of Time

Oskar Fischinger and quite by coincidence David Daniels fifty years later explored the texture of time, wax and plasticene in their stratacut methods of animation..

Contemporary exploration of texture of film and real materials

Vimeo experimental animation channel



1 thought on “TextureCentric Animation Examples

  1. Thanks to Robbie, for directing us to
    a site that collects and collates many many videos from youtube and vimeo uploads-
    Morgan Beringers work found here and directly at Vimeo-

    has an interesting relationship to both visual and ‘mental texture’ as well as generative /procedural animation- as he calls it – morphing together still images with various timebased processing/effects

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